Burning Effigies (Putlay) of Zulfiqar Mirza in Karachi after his Statement


MQM protesters burned the effigies of Zulfiqar Mirza after his statement against MQM and Mr. Altaf Hussain, this statement actually fueled the violent situation of Karachi and some other cities of Sindh.
Karachi was already burning while PPP was setting up the com-missionary system in Sindh while they didn’t notice for 3 days and more than 100 peoples died and after the setup of com-missionary system PPP interfered in the situation and controlled it with the one order of Rehman Malik in a day. Yesterday MQM protested in Sindh Assembly against the corruption and fake democracy of PPP but 3 important bills passed, then in a dinner party at mardan house Zulfiqar Mirza shouted at the insist and questions of journalists.
burning effigy (putla) of zulfiqar mirza
burning effigy of zulfiqar mirza

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