Brigadier Ali Khan Held for Supporting Extremist Groups


Pakistan Army confirmed the detention of Brigadier Ali Khan for his links with extremist groups on Tuesday.
Brigadier Ali Khan, director of rules and regulation in army headquarters held on May 6 after four days to the Abbottabad operation by US special forces in which Osama bin Laden died.
Brig Ali Khan held for having relations with Hizbut Tehrir (HT) Group. Before him Brig Khan was serving as a commander in Azad Kashmir. Another lieutenant-colonel who worked under Brig Khan also arrested. ISPR confirmed this information when rumors were flying about the collusion of some army officers with extremists.
Brig Khan was under surveillance for his contacts with extremists and was held once for interrogation. Brig Khan was approved by Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and he is very disturbed about the relations of HT at such a senior level in Army.
Brig Khan with a very strong military background has four other members serving in military presently.
A very bad situation for Pakistan Army when Army is fighting against the militant groups and army’s own officers are supporting the militants how army can win the fight against the extremist groups. The strong roots of extremists are goes towards Raiwind as well, which is a state in the state with no rules which has full supervision and support by Sherrif brothers. Some extremists comes from across the borders and one report revealed in past that Saudi’s are inserting billions of dollars in Pakistan to support and build the extremists and madarssas.
brigadier ali khan

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