Brig Imtiaz Spy Story A Fabrication: Dr Qadeer


In an exclusive interview with Nadeem Malik, Pakistan’s most famous nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has declared the fanciful story of espionage, involving Brig Imtiaz Billa, a complete tissue of lies.
Rauf Klasra’s story published in daily The News cast Brig Billa, an NRO beneficiary, as a singular heroic figure who saved Pakistan’s nuclear secrets from the Indian intelligence agency, RAW. Brig Billa, who has been hogging the talk shows lately, admitted last week that the man who launched his media career was the inimitable Rauf Klasra himself. According to Brig Billa, it was Rauf Klasra who gave him the courage to open the lock box of secrets in his heart and to tell the “truth” about the nuclear espionage, Jinnahpur and other scandals.

But in this latest shocking development, Dr. Qadeer, apparently hurt by all the conspiracies and fabrications of the “Save Musharraf” campaign, decided he was not going to have it anymore. Dr. Qadeer ripped into the whole James Bondesque story published by Klasra about Brig Billa and called it a figment of the duo’s imagination.

Earlier, PKPolitics highlighted some of the main characters in the Billa Brigade, but after Dr. Qadeer’s bombshell, the question remains: Who is the one caught in a lie? Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan of the Nuclear Bomb fame, Brig Billa of the Midnight Jackals fame, or Rauf Klasra of the plots scandal fame?
Brig Billa was caught lying again and his cat is out of the bag. Rauf Klasra, on the other hand, was curious how big of a lie he could cook up. He should have already known: Curiousity killed the cat. Meow!

Under the watchful glare of the free media of Pakistan, the characters in the Billa Brigade are going to be exposed so swiftly it’ll make their heads spin. Brig Imtiaz must have swallowed a couple of teeth after the face punching delivered by Mustafa Khar last week . Now, Dr. Qadeer’s statement has punctured the balloon of Brig Billa that Klasra was trying to inflate and as a result of this interview, the “Save Musharraf – Get Nawaz” campaign stands exposed.

The pieces are adding up and the jigsaw puzzle of exactly who is behind the Billa Brigade will soon be complete.

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