Bollywood Superstar wants to celebrate the victory of PTI Imran Khan in Pakistan + Video


Bollywood superstar and mister perfectionist have already stated in past that “Imran khan is my ideal”. In his latest statement which was highlighted in Tribune Pakistan. Amir Khan said, “If PTI wins, I will come to Pakistan to celebrate”. So after Salman Khan now Amir Khan wants the victory of PTI Imran Khan.
In last some days picture of Bollywood superstar Salman khan wearing t-shirts of PTI Imran Khan were hitting social media and now this news that Bollywood superstar Amir Khan wants to visit Pakistan at the victory of PTI Imran Khan, he will not only visit Pakistan but will come with many of his friends to celebrate the victory of PTI Imran Khan in next elections.
Amir Khan says that I pray for the Govt. which could solve the problems of Pakistan and this is not only beneficial for Pakistani people but for all of us and my heart says that you will get success as you are working hard for last many years. Amir Khan said, “You are firm in your convictions and you are still at it and I feel that the time is right and i hope that you get all the support you are looking for, all the very best and take care.”
In response to this statement Imran Khan answered him that you don’t forget that you will come to Pakistan before elections to support PTI, but Amir replied that no i will say something else, when you will win the election i will come with many Indians to celebrate in Pakistan.
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