Bike Wheeling kills a 5 month Baby


Bike Wheeling and car racing craze in Pakistan is increasing day by day and due to not the implementation of laws accidents are becoming routine now a days.
A motorcyclist who was doing one wheeling hit the mother Umaira Usman and her 5 months daughter Safa Usman who died due to head injury and Umairs got fracture in her leg. Motorcyclist Yasin Hussain s/o Inspector Safdar Hussain captured by the people and now he has got bail from court on Wednesday.
Biker boy hit the family when they were crossing the road after having meal in a restaurant, bike was without headlight and number plate. Injures were transferred to Benazir Bhutto Hospital where paramedic staff didn’t attended them well and wasted half hour, in the mean time baby with injuries in head died.
Some days back a car racer killed some people in a car racing at track and escaped to Dubai and still their, this motorcyclist have got the bail, but the people who died in these incidents what is the future of their families, already many peoples are dying in Pakistan due to terrorism.
These Racers never takes the safety majors because they know very well that all the law and enforcement agencies are full of corrupt people and they will flew very easily.
one wheeling in pakistan

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