Bald Lady Gaga For Paul O’Grady Show – Video


Lady Gaga loves to be in news and from last some days she is doing some thing separate as she is wearing dresses made of Kermit the frogs and meat set and now she accepted her bald look for a show, it looks that she loves the fame and can do any thing for it.
She has become artistic after her song “Edge of Glory” and casting her as love of Judas. He passionate speeches for LGBT rights and tweets, stripping and etc places her in the close exurbs of mainstream.
She went bald in “Paul O’Grady Show” for her new song “Hair”.
I just wanna be myself, And I want you to love me for who I am I just wanna be myself, And I want you to know, I am my hairI’ve had enough
I’m not a freak
I must keep fighting to stay cool on the streets

What does she wants to prove no one knows but she is following her rules leaving all back and just going in her own stream for the glory of fame.

lady gaga bald

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