BA Student Jailed for Cheating in Exam


STUDENT BOOKED FOR CHEATING: In BA examination at Govt Al-Baruni Degree College for Boys, a student, Waqas Ahmed roll number 713684, was caught using unfair means. The student was arrested on the application of an examiner and an FIR, according to Punjab University Act, has been registered by PD Khan Police.
cheating in exams pakistan
With increasing heat, Wapda has resumed unannounced loadshedding from 12 to 18 hours in different areas of Jhelum.

Citizens, traders, students and people from different walks of life are badly affected by hot weather and loadshedding. Last year people had violently protested against loadshedding. This time the situation is worsening as Wapda is unable to control unscheduled loadshedding.

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