Atiqa Odho Under the Flag of PTI after Liquor Scandal


Atiqa Odho were in news some days back due to her liquor scandal in which 2 bottles of wine recovered from her luggage when she was travelling from Islamabad to Karachi, don’t know why because its widely available in Karachi as well as Jedi a character in Khabarnaak criticized at her.
After the resignation from APML Pervez Musharraf’s Party she is spotted under the flags of PTI Imran Khan’s Party. Is she going to join PTI, weather Imran khan is against all type of corruptions and the liquor scandal that hit Atiqa Odho is not a simple thing, in a Muslim country being a Muslim its prohibited even every body knows that all these type of high profile people have liquor and all other prohibited things very openly but officially its not allowed and after this scandal Imran Khan shouldn’t accept her in his party.

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