Anti Mate Life, Sex & Mut’ah & Misyar Centers in Egypt and other Arab Countries


This article was published in Jang Newspaper of Pakistan. Content of this article is translated from the Sheeren el Feki’s book “Anti Mate Life a Changing Arab World”. Article is written by Ruby Shah.
Sheeren exposed the sexual activities and Mutaa centers of Arab world specially Egypt. She wrote in her book that many Arabs are anal sex lovers after spending time in European countries and they force their house wives to act like whores and prostitutes, due to that innocent house wives visit the sex shops to full-fill the requirements of their husbands. Many Arabs visits brothels and prostitutes when they find their house wives weak in sex then prostitutes.
Number of Mutaa centers are increasing day by day and poor students girls are available for Mutaa Marriage with the help of lawyer with official contract. Its clearly mentioned that only anal sex is allowed to protect the virginity of the students, sometimes parents of bride join this temporary marriage.
arab spring and anal sex

nikah in egypt


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