Afridi Announced Retirement against Decisions of PCB


Shahid Khan Afridi announced his retirement against the bad decisions of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Afridi said that he plays for nation and will not play until the current Cricket Board is active.

Shahid Afridi today announced his retirement against the bad decisions of PCB. Afridi says that he plays for the nation and will be playing until the nation wants. But will not play under the current Cricket board. Afridi told talking with local media that he was a captain of the cricket team and media used to ask him about the situations so he had to answered them and he just said that everyone should do their own work, just for this statement Cricket board removed him from captaincy he reunited the scattered team. Afridi said some Cricketers from Lahore are doing propaganda in the team. He loves his prestige and can’t play with insult and under the bad boys of PCB.
Afridi retired from cricket

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