Aamir Sohail Joined the PMLN


Aamir Sohail former left-handed opener confirms his joining with a biggest political party Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN).

Aamir Sohail called Mr. Nawaz Sharif in Raiwind and confirmed his joining to pmln. Talking to Media, Aamir Said, “I have joined with an open mind and open heart, and there’s a long way to go.” PMLN welcomed him and said its a good addition to their party.

Now a biggest threat to PMLN in Punjab is from Imran Khan due to his increasing popularity in Youth and Punjab is the biggest province of Pakistan and the party who holds good vote bank in Punjab rules more than 70% of Pakistan and in next election it looks that PMLN is going to loose its victory in Punjab, Imran Khan a former cricketer and was pointed by PMLN at many stages, may be this new addition to PMLN will help them to gain some popularity against Imran. Because Cricketer VS Cricketer can fight better than others. Let see whats gonna happen in next election.

amir sohail joins pmln

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