7000 American Marines in Islamabad ???


I cannot, for the life of me, believe this. Is it really true? Is it true that the American embassy in the highly secured diplomatic enclave of Islamabad is arranging for the residence of 7000 American marines? T.V channels and newspapers are full with such news, and even some members of parliaments are discussing it as the floor. It is also being said that 2000 have already reached Islamabad.

Why don’t the government refute these claims? Why we are not told the real situation? If this is true, then who has allowed this? What is the purpose of US Marines in Islamabad? What are they supposed to do? There is no war in Islamabad and Pakistani security forces are guarding our own capital? What exactly these marines are there for? Our nuclear installations also don’t need these marines?
American embassy is also heavily gurarded and already its secured and sound and never once anybody has managed to attack it, so what’s the purpose of these US special force? We, the citizens of Pakistan are extremely disturbed and worried and want to know the real facts.

And by the way how many Lynndie England these marines have brought with them?

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