Salman Butt & Muhammad Asif Both Found Guilty in Spot Fixing Case


Salman Butt and Muhammad Asif both are guilty in spot fixing case, Jury announced the decision for the spot fixing case in which Butt found guilty in 2 offences including conspiracy for corrupt payments and conspiracy to cheat, on other hands Asif is guilty of conspiracy to cheat.
Pakistani critics including former cricketers are saying this decision was came after the acceptance of Muhammad Amir, if Amir didn’t accept the allegations the would have passes clearly in the case. Butt will face seven years in prison for his involvement in Cricket conspiracy.
On the other hands Amir who accepted the charges against him that he was involved in match fixing and asked apology from the court but judges have refused the apology for Muhammad Amir and he will have to face the punishment for the fixation he did in match.
amir asif and salman case

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