4 Job Seeker Girls Raped by 5 men in Rawalpindi


Police arrested 2 men for raping four girls at gun point when one of the girl escaped and pointed the crime location.
Malik Firdos and one of his friends arrested while other ran away, recovered girl told to media that they were cosmetics sell girls in Wah and Malik Firdos promissed them for a job in NGO if they come to Rawalpindi, they came to Pindi in the car of Malik Firdos and were shifted to a house and raped by Malik firdos and four of his friends whole night.
Police said they recovered 3 AK-47 and a pump action. CCTV Cameras were installed in the house located in cantonment area.
Girls including Sadaf, Nadia, Faiza and Saima aged between 20 to 25 told they used to work in Wah selling the cosmetic products and allured by Malik Firdos for a job in NGO.
But after being in Rawalpindi, these girls were made to drink and gang raped by five men in the house whole night.
gang rape in Pakistan

  • sultan

    shame on you

    what will happen?when she is ur own sister

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