Biggest Corruptions & Scams that shooked India


Anna Hazare’s hunger strike sums up the national anger against corruption. Venal politicians, bureaucrats and corporates seem to mint money out of every deal – be it allotting lands or granting licences. Here are 10 scams of recent times which have enraged India.

Businessman Hasan Ali Khan, accused of stashing over $8 billion in Swiss banks has been arrested, in the latest twist to the ‘black money’ trail, one of a slew of corruption issues.

ofors – the gun deal scam which refuses to die away. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi lost the 1989 general elections after the scam. Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi, who allegedly received kicbacks in the gun deal and the last living accused, was discharged in the case in March 2010.

15 alleged instances of irregularities in denotification and allotment of land by Karnataka chief minister Yeddyurappa were found out and the CM admitted that he had committed a “mistake” by allotting land to his sons.

2G: Alleged to be the biggest scam in modern India. Former telecom minister A Raja is alleged to have caused the nation a loss of $39 billion by violating rules and taking bribes in alloting telecom licences. The UPA government and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s image took a severe beating because of the scam.

The Adarsh society, originally meant to be a six-storey structure to house Kargil war heroes and war widows, was converted into a 100-metre-tall building. The scam led to the ouster of Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan.

The ruling UPA government and Opposition clashed over the ‘cash-for-votes’ scam where the BJP gave notice for Breach of Privilege against the Prime Minister, alleging that he had misled the Parliament by denying bribery during the 2008 Confidence Motion to save the Congress-led UPA government.

The IPL controversy dating back to the IPL’s inaugural season in 2008 has included ministers, businessmen, cricket board officials and an assortment of family and friends. Lalit Modi, former Chairman and Commissioner of the Indian Premier League is under investigation.

Source: Hindustan Times

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